Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving this year was full of things to be thankful for. My husband had the day off which with his current work schedule was not to be taken for granted. We had lots of wonderful quality family time. I treasure each moment.

All the kids ended up on our bed that morning which called for a selfie. Getting the baby to look at the camera proved to be a challenge. 🙂

We colored turkeys.

Played ball with a giant exercise ball. The bigger the better, right?

I prepped the turkey. We got a 20 pounder this year. One big pretty bird!

The secret to a juicy turkey is quite simple. Baste it with olive oil, season it inside and out with salt, pepper, garlic powder, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Place some cut up onions, celery, and lemons inside for flavor. Bake the turkey breast side down in a 400 degree oven for one hour and then turn it down to 350 degrees. After two hours total in the oven, flip the bird and cook for another hour or until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees. I learned most of my turkey secrets from this blog.

You can buy really cool silicone gloves that work perfect for flipping a turkey but since we didn’t have those really cool gloves, I created some ingenious ones for my husband that worked perfectly. Basically just wrapped oven mitts in aluminum foil. Haha!

One beautiful juicy bird. I mean, the white meat is juicy. It’s the stuff Thanksgiving dreams are made of. The end.

There was pie. Pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, apple, and cherry. Granted, most of those pies were for other people but we did get our fair share. Also cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls with my homemade apple butter.

It was a very relaxing day. We rested, we played, I cooked and baked, my husband carved the turkey, we ate, and we ate some more. I sat on the couch and actually ate at the same time everyone else did. It was a Thanksgiving Day miracle. And then we watched a Christmas movie.

A little girl with a very big piece of pumpkin pie.

It was the baby’s first Thanksgiving and she was so excited to try the pumpkin pie!

Such a doll. Never mind the boys and their feet in the background! Just look at the beautiful happy baby. She should be in the movies. She’s baby perfection.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! Count your blessings and value the moments with your loved ones.

~Rachel ☕️💗

“Always make time for coffee with a friend.”

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