Blackberry Cobbler

Cobbler is my kind of “fruit cake”. It’s fruit in cake, right? Ha! And so yummy. Blackberry cobbler is one of my husband’s favorite desserts. Somebody ordered one from me for Thanksgiving and my hubby almost cried watching it leave our house. I promised I’d make him one too once the Thanksgiving pies were eaten.Continue reading “Blackberry Cobbler”

Turkey Pot Pie

The day after Thanksgiving we invited friends over for dinner. I made turkey pot pies and they brought pizza for the kids. Between us there’s eight kids and they all prefer pizza over pretty much anything. But we adults were absolutely pleased with the meat pie. After eating the pot pie, we brewed coffee andContinue reading “Turkey Pot Pie”

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving this year was full of things to be thankful for. My husband had the day off which with his current work schedule was not to be taken for granted. We had lots of wonderful quality family time. I treasure each moment. All the kids ended up on our bed that morning which called forContinue reading “Thanksgiving Day”